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About The YPAC


YPAC 2011The YPAC was founded by Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck and the Alpine Convention. It brings together young people from different regions to discuss current topics regarding the Alpine region in a parliamentary simulation. It aims at giving insights into parliamentary structures as well as current topics which are of concern to the Alpine region. Moreover, it is a platform for cultural exchange and networking among young people.

The YPAC takes place once a year. Every year, it is hosted by a different school. Past sessions of the parliament took place in Innsbruck (2006/2007), Maribor (2008), Meran (2009), Rosenheim (2010), Herisau/Trogen (2011), Liechtenstein (2012), Sonthofen (2013), Chamonix (2014), Kamnik (2015), Bassano del Grappa (2016), Innsbruck (2017) and Maribor (2018).
The topics closely follow the principles of the Alpine Convention.

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