About the "Platform future"


Platform Future YPAC 2014The platform future was introduced in 2013 for the first time at the YPAC, because in past YPAC sessions many delegates called for a group that collects all of the ideas and results from each committee. During the YPAC 2014 came the idea of having the platform future as a permanent activity of the YPAC project, between each session.

Together with the enlargement of the media group through the foundation of the Film group, the Future Platform ensures a lasting impact of the work of the young people and politicians and strengthens the work at the national level after the YPAC event.


The first aim is to develop a concept to facilitate and to optimize the collaboration between the YPAC and politics. Based on this concept we transmit convertible resolutions to politicians and are going to speak actively to them. The process and the results will be documented at the beginning of each yearly YPAC session. A second aim is to make the YPAC visible and well known in our home towns.


One of the main tasks is to bring the topics from the YPAC into politics and public. Most of the work done by the platform future happens in the time between each session. The platform future is a transnational network and stay in contact during the whole school year. The work of this platform is a basis for the repertoire and ideas of the next YPAC session.