1. Publicity

The platform future group will try to promote YPAC in order to get known and financially supported. That goal can be reached using different types of advertisement which are listed below.

1.1 A creative product

We want to develop a creative product and start producing it in order to sell it during the future YPACs. The profit from selling an inexpensive product that is easily reachable to all of the YPAC participants will be used for supporting other types of advertisement and producing the product. By doing that, YPAC will not only get known a lot better, it will also gain strength and the development of it will be a lot easier. This topic is going to be discussed with the future YPAC hosts (Kamnik, 2015).

1.2 An app

In order to connect all of the participants of YPAC and make sure that they stay in touch the whole year, we are also going to develop an app. It will be developed during the next school year by the web administrators of YPAC. The app will allow the YPAC participants to discuss different topics and share their opinion on each topic. That way, they will be productive and connected at the same time. The connection between the participants of YPAC is crucial for us because that is the only way for YPAC to become a stronger project.

1.3 Posters

We also want to start producing posters with the YPAC logo and slogan on them. The posters would be distributed in the cities of the alpine countries. The posters would inform other people about YPAC.

1.4 Websites

In order to make YPAC more known, we also want to connect the YPAC website to websites of the municipalities of each town that is participating in YPAC. That way people could get useful information about YPAC in an incredibly simple way.

2. Internal Communication

The platform future group believes that the YPAC participants do not stay in contact with each other after the week of YPAC. A suggestion for fixing that is listed below.

2.1 A Skype conference

We truly want to make sure that the YPAC participants stay in touch. Besides the app that is mentioned above, we have another suggestion. The participants should have a Skype conference each month in order to keep up with each other and share the news about the things that are happening in their hometown. It is really important for us to do that because we think that the YPAC participants do not stay in contact after the YPAC is finished.

3. Funds

It is crucial for YPAC to get some financial support in order to gain strength and become famous. We are listing some of our suggestions that would solve that problem below.

3.1 Searching for sponsors

Members of the Platform Future as well as teachers should try to find as many YPAC sponsors as possible. Investing in YPAC will be possible after it becomes an official organization and will only make sense if YPAC will be known enough.

3.2 Websites

We want to make sure that YPAC becomes very well known not only in the towns where the participating schools are, but also in all of the Alpine countries. Publishing information about YPAC on the international websites such as kickstarter.com could help YPAC gain sponsors and become known globally.