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The delegates were asked about their favourite experiences and what they are going to remember from this year. Here are some of their answers:

“This was the first time I participated and I did not know what to expect. But, I was surprised how fast we came up with the ideas and I loved how open all of the people were.” - Anita, Rosenheim

“I liked the General Assembly because it was interesting to see all the ideas that we had come up with and the great work that had been done. I realised how much potential the younger generation has.” - Alais, Chamonix

“The Slovenian delegation had a story. It was a journey of work and teamwork, I think I successfully overcame my stage fright, we finished the delegation presentation in the last two hours, all of the people were very nice and I enjoyed these few days a lot.” - Luka, Maribor

“Making new friends as well as the atmosphere were amazing. We liked getting an inside look into how politics work and the opportunity to experience it ourselves.” - Ursina, Liechtenstein, Maja, Kamnik

“I loved the theatre and I will for sure remember the people.” - Geronimo, Innsbruck

“I was very nervous at the General Assembly, but I loved discussing. It was amazing to meet all the new people and the experience was great.” - Jenny, Liechtenstein

“The food was great.” - Vitja, Kamnik



Neja Preložnik and Klara Polič, Maribor

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