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All of the effort, brainstorming, studying and discussion by the students are done just in order to give their best during the Genera Assembly. But what is the General Assembly?

The General Assembly represents the moment in which the delegates are able to defend the resolutions they have worked hard to achieve. It is a special time, and not just because of the smart dresses, but especially because everyone is excited, nervous and anxious to show everybody else their value. Each delegate is really keen on demonstrating, in front of not only their fellows, but also such important figures, like Doctor Milan Brglez, the President of the Slovenian National assembly, that they can really make a change, that their ideas are worth being listened to.

Since only ten of the sixteen postulations will be approved, the delegates have to “fight” bravely and must do their best to convince the members of other delegations to vote in favour of their resolutions. In order to reach the greatest number of positive votes, during the initial speech (which is held by one of the member of the committee), the delegate has to do his or her best to convince the other members of the assembly of the strength, innovation and validity of their postulations. This undertaking is also up to the student that is going to do the final speech, which can be considered a crucial moment where everybody decides if the resolution is worth it or not.

This is simply how the general assembly works. This is what the YPAC is.


Chiara Dinarello

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