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Since two of the four committees in this year's YPAC focus on spatial planning, Lidija Kodrč Vuk, member of the Department of Spatial Planning in Maribor, was an interesting guest at today's »World Cafe«. Not only did she inform the delegates about the different problems concerning this topic, but she also responded to their many queries about the use of agricultural land, »green belts« around the cities, and how to deal with the risks of natural hazards.

According to her, the city of Maribor does a lot to reduce the expansion of urban areas and tries to use them more efficiently. In order to do so, the use of land is defined first, followed by a plan on how to use it – building houses or factories there is only possible with permission. Also, the city intends to extend green areas in the cities, for example, by mandating by law that apartments of a certain size have to keep at least half of the area green.

But, she also admits that the department struggles a lot with houses that were built without permission, or that the use of land is changed to meet economic interests. So, the delegates were told first-hand that spatial planning is a complex, but also fascinating topic.


Kilian Schroeder

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