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“To really change something and improve our situation, everybody has to act.” This was a statement that really seemed to be important for Tanja Strniša, who works at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food. She knew a great deal about farming and was also very interested in other topics. She gave advice and helped wherever she could.

Her basic attitude is that “we have to use as little soil as possible”, because, she explained, once soil has been sealed, it is really laborious and expensive to revitalize it. She pointed out that good spatial planning is really essential.

Her personal solution to many of our soil problems is reforestation, which brings many advantages with it, as she explained. It can prevent natural hazards such as landslides and floods, because the roots of the trees are able to store water and stabilize the ground. Furthermore, it is not too expensive or difficult. But it takes time…

At the end of the discussion, she added: “enforcements by law are not popular. We have to change peoples’ mindsets. Once the first ones are convinced, it will be like a snowball effect.”


Alina Loacker

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