Where do you come from? How many times have you participated in YPAC?

I am a member of the Trogen delegation. I am partaking in the Youth Parliament for the third time this year.

Why do you participate in YPAC?

I see it as a great opportunity to meet people that I would never have met otherwise. It is also a chance to practise (and improve) my English debate skills and openness in general.

What do you expect from this year's YPAC?

I expect the interest and effort of the participants to be on the same level as last year. Work in such conditions is bound to produce some good ideas that will lead to creative postulations.

What would be the linking factor between your region and this year's topic (soil)?

Where I come from, there is a lot of farming going on. The soil is mostly used as grazing land for cattle. As it stands, the soil is quite uncultivated - we should change that and put it to better use.

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