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What do you expect from this YPAC session?

I hope that students will be able to bring up a lot of new questions and solutions, because soil preservation is a crucial problem.

Is this the first time you have participated in the YPAC?

No, Maribor hosted the YPAC already in 2008.

Why did you choose to participate in this project?

YPAC is really important and productive. In fact, young people will start to think what their problems will be in 20 years when the “old ones” will be gone. It is really good and right to invest into students, to make them deal with actual issues. Moreover, it is so important that students come from different nations so that they can exchange different points of view and culture.

What is the link between your region and this project?

There are different links between my region and this project. Indeed, there are some main connections:

1.    We are loosing good soil because of different reasons (factories, erosion).

2.    Global warming. In fact, if temperatures keep rising, a lot of soil will be transformed into desert areas, which is a long-term problem.

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