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The Resolutions

We have all waited for this one moment. The work of the whole week was given to find the best ideas and the perfect formulations for our resolutions, which will be presented in front of all the YPAC participants.

But what are they, these resolutions?

Well it is easy. They are “the most important documents” of the week, as it is explained in the YPAC handbook.

If you want an explanation which is a little bit more detailed: First of all, a resolution includes the clear content of the problem on which the committee worked the whole time. Questions like “why do we have to act?” must be answered in this part.

The part with the problem is followed by the solution to solve it. It has to be formulated clearly and should contain information about who has to do what to fulfil it.

So, now you are a resolution expert, but what is going to happen if a resolution gets accepted in the General Assembly? Well, the truth is, nothing, unless we do everything we can to make them come true. So, this is why the job “platform future” exists. These students will try to talk to politicians in their countries so that they recognise our demands and may really realize them in the real politics.

Alina Loacker



Interview with Jonas Mattig, a platform future member from Rosenheim:

What have you done since the end of the last YPAC?

We did a radio interview and talked about our YPAC week. We also took part at the EUSALP conference where we were able to ask questions. But this was more about informing and not so much about realizing our resolutions.

And what are you planning for next year?

We planned a meeting with a politician from our region soon after the end of this year’s YPAC. We will also write a newspaper article and promote the YPAC in our school. This will happen through social media and exhibitions in the hallway.

Alina Loacker

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