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Today, the delegates of the different committees had the chance to meet experts on the topic of soil and enquire about their points of view on what they had found out so far. One of them was Helena Matoz, a politician from the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.

The protection of soil is an item of great importance to her, that is why she focuses on reducing contamination and limiting fertilizers. She also deals with urbanization and erosion. In order to prevent the latter, Helena Matoz believes that maintaining forests and spatial planning, which corresponds to specific regional conditions, is essential. When she was asked about her opinion on roof gardening in cities, she made it clear that for her, it is not a good way to preserve soil. This is because the soil is put on sealed ground, which reduces its value.

Helena Matoz was impressed by some of the ideas of the delegates, but also pointed out possible difficulties with their concepts.


Elena Bank

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