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YPAC is a project that allows young people from seven different nations of the Alpine region to gather together, discuss the current problems that the Alpine space is facing and provide soilutions for them. The aid of their mentors, however, can not be disregarded, as the pupils look up to them for advice and guidance.

Nevertheless, the younger generation is inexperienced in policy, but adults have high hopes for their skills and are sure that they will bring up a lot of new questions and fresh ideas and solutions for the current problems in the Alpine region.

Indeed, the headmaster thinks that this project enables students to deal with problems that nowadays are underestimated by people, but are going to have a huge impact on our lives in a few decades.

»The young people will start to think about what problems they will face when the old ones are gone. « Ivan Lorenčič, headmaster of II. Gimnazija Maribor

He is not the only one to have such high hopes on the young delegates, in fact, Jens Weber – a teacher from Trogen, Switzerland strongly believes in the international cooperation among the students.

»It is a great opportunity for the young to ask themselves how to ask and answer questions and to see how the world is organised. « Jens Weber, teacher at Kantonsschule Trogen

There is faith and knowledge, now it is up to the students to find concrete solutions and spread their ideas.


Chiara Dinarello, Bassano

Klara Polič, Maribor

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