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Further readings


  • Journal of alpine research - Mobile borders: alpine variations, >www
  • What are macro-regions all about? >pdf
  • Via alpina: Hiking over the borders >www, >pdf
  • New solidarity between the Alps and surrounding areas. CIPRA position paper on a European Macro-Region Strategy for the Alps - CIPRA Position Paper to Macroregion, >www

Education - Training – Working

Everyday life

  • Leisure, tourism and commuter mobility, >www

Economy and Energy

  • Make the Alps energy self-sufficient! CIPRA-demands - Energy self-sufficient regions, >www
  • Only climate-friendly tourism is sustainable: cc.alps - CIPRA’s demands for tourism in climate change, >www
  • Improvements in efficiency instead of damage to the environment! cc.alps: CIPRA's demands on the subject of water, >www
  • Platform on Energy, Working group  of the Alpine Convention, >www

Active citizenship

  • Youth Participation in the Alps - CIPRA Report 2014, >pdf
  • Alps Insight 97: Yes, youth can – Why youth should be participating (de/fr/it/sl), >www
  • New forms of decision making, >www
  • Governance capacity, >www
  • Participation and spatial planning, >www