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Here are the resolutions that have been voted during the General Assembly of the 10th YPAC session in Kamnik, Slovenia. (PDF version)

Committee 1: Soil - short version

Postulation 1: Wise soil management
This postulation is about dividing the Alpine region's soil into three groups based on its quality in order to regulate the soil usage and thus protect it.

Postulation 2: Real estate management
Seen that the Alpine region is in deep need of space due to the arising problems of climate change and population growth, we propose not to permit "virgin soil" to be built on.

Postulation 3: Soil Awareness
By educating students and raising people's awareness about soil, we would like to reinforce soil protection.

Committee 2: Food production and waste assimilation - short version

Postulation 4: Improvement of local farmer conditions
We want an agreement between local faremrs and supermarkets under state conditions.

Postulation 5: Eco-point system
We want to reward people who buy ecological products with our so-called "eco-point system".

Postulation 6: Reduce food waste by helping people
Companies waste edible food, which could be given to needy people.

Committee 3: Importance of forests as the source of renewable energy - short version

Postulation 7: Encouraging the use of biomass as a source of energy
This postulation aims at encouraging the use of forest biomass through an information campaign and making this source of energy more attractive for consumers.

Committee 4: Recreation and cultural aspects of Ecosystems - short version

Postulation 8: Promotion of local markets
This postulation is about the promotion of a local market, which considers cultural aspects such as an improvement of social life in certain communities and also the production of goods and food.

Postulation 9: Raising awareness of Alpine population
This postulation is about the awareness problem solved by education.

Postulation 10: Involvement of the young people in cultural heritage
This postulation is about increasing the involvement of youth in cultural heritage.