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Preparation - Ypac 2016



Work in progress at Liceo Brocchi in Bassano del Grappa, where  activities are in  full swing for the preparation of the YPAC event, which will be held on  9-13 May 2016.   Students, teachers and politicians  from 10 cities of 6 different alpine countries beside ours (France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Liechtenstein) will gather in Bassano.

The YPAC team keeps  expanding and is weaving its territorial  net to raise awareness of  the project that will reach its climax on May 12th during  the General Assembly when  the students will debate and vote  their postulations about the alpine world.

Some meetings  have already taken place with the municipality and contacts are being made  with businesses and associations in the area interested in the environmental and cultural topics and willing to support the project. The challenge is to make YPAC the pivot of a growing interest  in our alpine environment  on the part of young people and in the active role of the latter who will directly experience the effects of such participation.

Some members of the YPAC team are planning some cultural events in the coming months, which  will involve  the other  schools in the  area and the citizens, to pave the way for YPAC 2016  in May.