Topics of the YPAC 2016


Overhead topic:  “Green Economy in the Alps”

Topics in the Committees:

    1. Living: demographic change, spatial planning, quality of life.
    Evaluation of the consequences of demographic changes in alpine and pre-alpine areas regarding

    • settlement regeneration,  - buildings and facilities – according to eco-friendly  policies,
    • economic regeneration
    • social  rebalancing

    2. Local Business: start ups, social innovation, new forms of sustainable tourism.
    Development of different initiatives connected to the alpine and pre-alpine territory in order to maximize local opportunities and reduce growth critical issues thanks to the use of clean technology.

    3. Consumption: Circular Economy, waste, CO2, energy management.
    Sustainable development depends on an efficient use of resources aiming at the reduction of waste and pollutants, which implies a new outlook on commercial/ industrial operations. The latter lead to  'industrial symbiosis' focusing on the use, recovery and redirection  of resources moving from linear to circular economy. Youth Alpine Express and our carbon footprint.

    4. Leisure & Culture: culture as a resource for regional development, terracing, culture of cooperation.

    Cooperation between alpine regions concerning sustainable developments and good practices. Focus on cultural features arising from landscape structuring – e.g. terraced landscapes – and on traditional jobs connected with typical features of the area. The latter
    should be exploited as a magnet in attracting increasing numbers of visitors. Terracing as an example of cultural heritage of land management and a resource for free time activity.