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YPAC 2016 - Day 1

YPAC2016 (3).JPGToday, May 10th 2016, YPAC 2016 has finally started in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. It has been an intense and productive day. The delegates met in Liceo G.B. Brocchi, in which they were welcomed and briefed. Platform Future informed the delegates about their work between Kamnik and Bassano. Committee work followed: the core part of YPAC started. The delegates were guided through town by Brocchi's students. In the evening the opening cerimony was held. Each delegation had the possibility to introduce themselves to their co-workers. The first day has already gone by, but three more days of debates await the YPAC delegates.


GroupPictureBassanoThe second day of YPAC, May 11th has been a great and constructive day: in the morning delegates completed their draft resolutions in their respective committees, which were discussed with some politicians and experts in the afternoon and then read out loud in the library with the presidents and all teachers. It was an important day also from the social and political point of view: the members of the Youth Alpine Express and some politicians - Mr J. Masaro Mayor of Belluno  with the Councillor for Youth policies ,  Mr Dadeppo GAL, Mr Bertoni Mayor of Paderno d.G., Mr Cassiano Luminati - were  greeted in the Town Hall and met the Mayor of Bassano R. Poletto and some councillors. After dinner some time was left to finalize the committee postulations and to write speeches in favor and against.


YPAC2016_Thursday(1).JPGThe long awaited moment has arrived: on Thursday, May 12th , the generally assembly took place at Teatro Remondini. Some politicians and YPAC supporters delivered their opening speeches; then each committee was called onto the stage to read their postulations and opening speeches. After this, the debate could finally begin: under the coordination of the presidents, each delegate could ask questions about the committee's postulations; at the end of these, speeches against and in favor could be done. In the evening, after a long and stressful but fulfilling and instructive day, the participants were invited to a party in Villa San Giuseppe.


YPAC2016_Thursday(4).JPGYPAC 2016 in Bassano del Grappa has come to its end. A nice and peaceful experience of Nordic Walking along the river Brenta rewarded the delegates’ hard work. Our generous sponsors gave to the students and teachers walking poles and taught them how to use them. Then they led them through a beautiful itinerary along the river, where they could admire the Old Bridge, some natural landscapes and a Palladian villa. After the walk, the Closing Ceremony took place: a short video that summarized the work done during the week was shown and the certificates were handed out. Everyone then had lunch at Villa Ca' Erizzo and goodbyes were exchanged when the first delegations left with the hope that everyone had had a pleasant and instructive time during the week!