Platform Future has started its important task of presenting the results of YPAC to politics.

Thanks to the collaboration with CIPRA International, the Alpine Convention and the "Alpine Town of the Year"-Association, the following meetings could be organized:

YPAC Delegates at the XV Alpine Conference

In April 2019 an international group of YPAC delegates was invited to the XV Alpine Conference and the AlpWeek Intermezzo in Innsbruck. There we had the opportunity to give our resolution of YPAC 2019 to the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Svenja Schulze. We were also invited to witness the Alpine Conference and were even allowed to present our resolution there and speak about it with the Ministers.

YPAC delegation in front of the "Hofburg" in Innsbruck

YPAC delegation at the evening reception at the "Hofburg"

German YPAC delegates with Federal Minister for the Environment Svenja Schulze

YPAC delegates at the Alpine Conference

YPAC delegates at the Alpine Conference

YPAC delegates with Ministers

YPAC Team Rosenheim at INNsieme Opening Event

In September 2019 the delegates from Rosenheim were invited to the INNsieme opening event in Rosenheim. INNsieme is a project of some communities in Austria, Switzerland and Germany whose goal is the restoration of the river Inn. We had the opportunity to talk about YPAC and the importance of international cooperation in order to rescue our Alps.

YPAC Team Rosenheim at INNsieme opening event

YPAC Team Rosenheim at INNsieme opening event

Presentation of YPAC to the City Council Chamonix Mont-Blanc

In September 2018, three YPAC delegates from Chamonix, Candice Ribery, Emma Blyth and Elisa Cotet, presented YPAC to the city council Chamonix Mont-Blanc. Our presentation was filmed and can be seen on tvmountain (YouTube).

PF Merano: Meetings with Territorial Councillors

In February 2018, we met territorial councillor Arnold Schuler, who gave us a lot of information about the topic 'Preservation of Soil'. We also showed him the resolution of last year's YPAC.

Adam Righi, Thomas Tschenett and Johanna Erlacher went to see territorial councillor Philip Achammer. We presented last year's resolution to him and talked about YPAC.


EUSALP and Merano City Council Meetings, 2017/2018

Two members of our delegation, Johanna Erlacher and Lara Stolcis, went to the EUSALP event and participated in the meetings there. They met many politicians and had the chance to discuss interesting topics with them.

This year we also had some meetings with city councillor Madeleine Rohrer, who gave us lots of information and some helpful examples.