Thank you, Kamnik! Welcome to Rosenheim next year!


Dear visitor,

Welcome to our website! This is an international school project that has been running for 18 years and thankfully even survived the Corona pandemic. So, after a session that was cancelled just about 10 days before it should have taken place in Rosenheim/D in March 2020 and two sessions that had to be organised as online conferences by Team Trogen/CH in March 2021 and Team Vaduz/FL in March 2022, we are finally back to normal: We met in Sonthofen last year, discussing the topic Quality of life in the Alps, and had hot debates about Protected Natural Areas in Kamnik/Sl this year. Next year it will be Rosenheim's turn to make up for the cancelled session in 2020. Check out Upcoming YPAC(s) for more information on what is lying ahead.

Keep your fingers crossed for us and enjoy exploring our website!