YPAC 2021

March 24th to 26th

Online conference organised by Team Trogen

General topic: Children’s Rights in the Alpine Region

Subtopics (allocated to four committees)

Committee 1: Personal development and Education

Access to information

How inclusive and participatory is our school system on every level?

  • Kindergarten
  • Primary school
  • Secondary school

Is our school system flexible enough to cope with new, unexpected and/or challenging situations?

  • Covid-19
  • Digitalization

Are the subjects taught still relevant in our days? Should subjects be included or replaced?

Committee 2: Health and well-being

Equal rights for all children in the healthcare system

Rights of children in families:

  • In case of a divorce
  • In case of conflicts in families
  • Is enough help available for children in such situations?
  • (etc.)

How can children exercise their right to decide about their own health?

  • In case of a [disease]
  • In case of Covid-19
  • (etc.)

How can the child’s opinion be actively considered in the decision making?

Committee 3: Freedom of expression / participation

Participation on all levels of society:

  • In politics on national, regional, and communal level
  • In school on secondary, primary, and kindergarten level

Participation in the institutional response to Covid-19 (mainly concerning school level)

Respecting the opinions of minors and giving them a chance to speak

In what way does our society, family or the media influence the children’s freedom of expression or participation? Should there be changes?

Parent/child relation:

  • To which extent can parents decide for their child?
  • To which extent can children decide on their own?
Committee 4: Equality / integration / migration

  • Freedom of religion
  • Education and integration of children with a migration background
  • Gender and homosexuality
  • Equality and integration of children with disabilities