YPAC 2023

March 6th to 10th in Sonthofen/D

General topic: Quality of Life in the Alps

The Alpine region is home to sensitive ecosystems and landscapes that are the result of a millenary interaction between natural systems and human activities. The region faces the challenge of protecting its environment while also meeting the socio-economic aspirations of local populations. These challenges at local level are exacerbated by threats posed by global warming, a rapidly evolving world economy, various crises and a changing society with various demands and expectations.


Subtopics (allocated to four committees)

Committee 1: Tourism

Main questions to be considered:

  • How should Alpine regions deal with mass tourism, especially in times of pandemics, various social crises as well as climate change?
  • How can we shape tourism to be future-proof, sustainable and more ecological?
  • Is winter tourism still sustainable in times of climate change and the current energy crisis?
  • How can tourism in the Alps be made barrier-free and accessible for all age groups?
  • How can we minimize the negative effects of tourism for both locals and visitors?


Additional suggestions for further discussion:

  • Which alternative steps need to be taken to reduce the dependence on tourism as the one and only economic branch?
  • How can sustainable and ecological tourism be optimized and promoted without causing economic losses?
  • How can sustainable tourism be made more attractive?
Committee 2: Social co-existence

Main questions to be considered:

  • How can the social interaction and quality of life be improved among all age groups?
  • Which measures need to be taken to develop more social awareness of minorities?
  • How can mobility and transport be made more sustainable and eco-friendly (car sharing, etc.)?
  • How can local products be promoted and made accessible for broad levels of the population?
  • How can people get motivated to volunteer for social services as well as sustainable community projects?  


Additional suggestions for further discussion:

  • How can we improve digital communication in remote areas?
  • Are there effective ways to reduce the constantly rising prices for the acquisition of property as well as rents in popular areas?
  • How can we integrate disabled and elderly people into everyday-life more efficiently, especially in times of demographic change? (multigenerational houses, etc.)
Committee 3: Environmental challenges

Main questions to be considered:

  • How can we make skiing areas more sustainable with regard to water usage, deforestation and renewable energy?
  • How can we reduce the vulnerability to natural hazards as landslides, avalanches, rockfall, floodings and erosion in times of climate change?
  • Can we preserve biodiversity by transforming large regions into natural parks and preserving them for the next generations?
  • How can we protect the Alpine ecosystem and its wildlife?
  • How can the Alpine region contribute to a further expansion of renewable energy without destroying its landscape and living conditions?


Additional suggestions for further discussion:

  • Which measures need to be taken to improve the water management in central and peripheral areas?
  • Which further steps need to be taken to handle the increase of local and transit mobility in the Alpine region?
  • How can a more effective spatial planning and better management of resources be achieved?
Committee 4: Cultural life

Main questions to be considered:

  • Are there enough platforms for culture, e.g. concert houses or galleries, in the Alpine region? How can they be made flexible and modern?
  • For which purposes is culture used in the Alps and what message does it send?
  • How can modern art and traditional handcrafts work together and profit from each other?
  • How can we raise interest in participating in culture?
  • How can nightlife and clubs be developed according to the wishes of young people and their subculture?


Additional suggestions for further discussion:

  • How can we ensure that even people in rural regions away from the big cities have an access to culture?
  • How can we leave clichés about the Alpine region behind us?
  • How can we make culture open to the participation of all interested people?
  • Which cultural institutions are there already in the Alpine region? How can we make them diverse and appealing for different groups of people?
  • How can we incorporate tradition in everyday life? Should we incorporate it at all?


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