YPAC 2008

March 4th – 8th in Maribor/Sl

After two successful and excellently organized YPACs in Innsbruck, Maribor was the hosting town and II. gimnazija Maribor the hosting school of the   Third Youth Parliament of the Alpine Convention.

In 4 days of political debates about regional Alpine issues, 50 young delegates from 7 Alpine countries (Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, France and Slovenia) decided upon resolutions, which were handed on to the committees of the Alpine Convention and gave recommendations for action.

Parliamentary meetings are the basis for the active participation of young people in the development of their Alpine surroundings and environment as well as delivering insight into political processes. Young people should learn to express their opinion about topics of the Alpine region. It is crucial for young people to take responsibility in the regional and European process of unification.

General topic: Economy versus Ecology

Subtopics (allocated to four committees):

  • Committee 1: Transportation
  • Committee 2: Environment
  • Committee 3: Tourism
  • Committee 4: Government


KEY QUESTION: Should economic growth in Alpine countries be put on top of the priority list even if the environment and cultural heritage are thereby harmed?


Cool Schools

The press group of the YPAC in Maribor 2008 produced a brochure about the participating schools, which you can download here (PDF).


YPAC's Flying Facts

The Flying Facts of YPAC 2008 were collected and printed in one brochure. You can download it here (PDF).